Mum creates perfect curls on daughter’s hair using a pair of socks

Getting perfect curls can mean spending a long time with tongs and leave your hair damaged from all the heat.

But one mum has found an easy way to create impressive curls – using just a par of socks.

Lynsey Cleland, 40, a hairdresser, heard about the unique technique through a client but never believed it would work.

She used it on her six-year-old daughter Zienna’s hair to transform it from straight to curly overnight.

The mum-of-two separated Zienna’s hair into four sections and wrapped each part around a sock and left it to set overnight.

The following day the schoolgirl from Belfast, Northern Ireland, had ‘gorgeous’ waves which stayed in for four days.

She videoed the process for other mums to try it.

Lynsey said: ‘It’s just socks and water spray no hairspray or anything. People were asking me if I sold the socks I used and I was just like, no they’re just normal socks, nothing special about them.

‘When a client suggested I try it out, I didn’t think it would actually work and look so good.’

She explained she used four socks on her daughter’s long hair.

She added: ‘It was simple, I just dampened Zienna’s hair and used four clean socks to create the curls, winding the hair around it and tying the ends together.

‘I left her hair to set overnight and we were both pleasantly surprised in the morning to see her straight hair was curly.

‘Usually when we use a wand or tongs, the curls drop but these ones stayed for about four days.

‘It looked amazing, Zienna felt gorgeous after – she was chuffed.

‘I might use this technique in the future when doing wedding hair, it would be good for flower girls or younger bridesmaids.

‘Then again, it is that simple – their mummy’s would be able to do it the night before.’