When do schools break up for the Easter holidays?

Half-term seems to have gone all too quickly, with children across the UK returning to school on Monday.

And while the winter term tends to be a bit shorter than the others, there is still a while to go until students get their next break, at Easter.

Just when do schools break up for the Easter holidays this year?

Here’s what you need to know…

When do schools break up for the Easter holidays?

Schools are due to break up for the Easter holidays on Friday 3 April.

However that date may from one school to another, with some potentially breaking up earlier in the week and others maybe a little later.

It’s worth checking with your child’s school to find out the exact date of the final day of term.

Alternatively you can check the term dates via the website of your local council.

When is Easter and when is the school summer term?

This year the Easter weekend runs from 10-13 April, with Easter Sunday falling on 12 April.

Schools are due to return from the Easter break around Monday 20 April, although again the exact date of return may vary from one school to another.

The Easter break will be the last major holiday from school until the half-term break at the end of May.

However students will get a day off for the bank holiday on Friday 8 May, with the usual holiday moving to a Friday to mark VE Day’s 75th anniversary.